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3DPrintCloud - Your Reliable Toolbox in the Cloud to Make Stuff that Matters.

Materialise’s 3DPrintCloud offers easy-to-use tools that allow you (and your customers) to prepare models for 3D Printing in a few automated steps. It can be accessed from anywhere and will speed up the process from 3D model to printed part.

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3-matic STL 10.0 - Increased control and analysis of complex designs

We continually improve our software solutions, taking your suggestions into account. 3-maticSTL 10.0 offers extended texture and patterning possibilities, such as new positioning options, as well as advanced control over the thickness and porosity of lightweight structures

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Streamics The ultimate automation tool for your quoting and part preparation processes in Additive Manufacturing.


Streamics Robot takes your part processing  automation to the next level – it will perform the routine work in the background while you can focus on “value added” tasks. 

Discover the Most Complete Support Generation Toolbox for Metal Applications

For metal applications, support fulfills a larger purpose than just supporting the part during the build process. The main reason that supports are required for the metal additive manufacturing process is to minimize deformation. A better surface quality on down facing surfaces can be obtained by support structures that allow heat conductivity, they minimize the number of contact points but still allow transferring the heat away from the part. Magics SG+ contains the tools for good anchoring, heat transfer and support, yet taking into account the effects on finishing time.

Software for Additive Manufacturing

Materialise's software platform offers a wide range of activities applicable to a variety of markets and industries, ranging from automotive, to medical industry, consumer goods and many more. Our solutions boost efficiency and reduce lead-times, resulting in increased productivity throughout the entire 3D Printing process.

The Factory for 3D Printing

Schunk’s 3D-Printed Grippers Grab All Attention

In industrial automation, speed, accuracy and precision are of the essence. Grippers used to pick and place items in the production line are a great example. The better you tailor them to the purpose they serve, the better they perform. But that's usually both time-consuming and expensive. Or isn’t it? 

Build Processor Rescues Steven Ma’s 3D-Printed Chain Dress Wedding Veil

For the world’s first wedding with 3D Printing as theme, the XUBERANCE® team designed the world’s longest 3D-printed wedding veil. 

See the World through a Colorful, Multi-Textured Telescope

Astronomy aficionados know that the diameter and mount are important features of a telescope, but what about its appearance? Discover 3-maticSTL's sharkskin, polygon and leather textures!