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Cad2reality Brings Architectural Designs to Life with Magics²⁰

Architecture presentation has taken a huge leap since the days of cardboard maquettes and careful Styrofoam sculpting. Thanks to 3D Printing maquettes can now be created in full color, multiple times, and on different scales. 

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Streamics Helps Luxexcel Expand Their Business Globally

Luxexcel is a Netherlands-based service provider of customized 3D-printed optics and products that require the highest standards of transparency. Luxexcel, winner of various innovation awards, has partnered with Materialise to establish a fully automated online ordering process that is completely streamlined with 3D Printing production

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adidas Futurecraft: The Ultimate 3D-Printed Personalized Shoe

For adidas Futurecraft 3D, Materialise assisted adidas with the generation of a lightweight structure in the 3D-printed midsole which would keep the shoe at a comfortable weight.  

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Great projects enabled by our software solutions

3D Printing, engineering and software development – has enabled us to create meaningful innovations. Meaningful innovations, products that make a better and healthier world, open up new design ideas and opportunities in industries across the board and add value every step of the way.

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The Software Backbone of an Industry

The Factory for 3D Printing

The 3D printing software to empower you

These are fascinating times for any industry to be in. Digitization has stirred a new wave of innovation. Driven by this evolution, game-changing businesses and industries explore new opportunities that go beyond conventional solutions. Our 3D printing software is at the core of this drive. We will empower you to build on the many advantages 3D printing technology offers.

Accelerate with reliability

Being open to a wide range of data formats and technologies, our 3D printing software offers the best connection between content and 3D printers. Our solutions enable you to improve and leverage both your product design and production process. We allow you to scale your 3D printing business with efficiency and reliability.

Connect and co-engineer with us

Our network is built on many years of working closely with top players in the 3D printing industry. This enables our customers from a wide variety of industries to access the best of 3D printing. These partnerships are essential to us and how we are structured. This is our DNA and we invite you to become part of our network.