Lightweight Structures
Magics SG+ Module
Streamics Robot
Magics18. Cutting-Edge Technology

The latest release of our premium software for AM professionals, Magics18, has been launched. Introducing new and improved cutting tools, as well as a whole range of other new features, it’s our most exciting release yet! Discover the power of Magics18.

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3-matic STL Lightweight Structures Module

Nature uses precisely designed structures to create shapes that fit the needs of strength, flexibility and rigidness while still keeping them light in weight. The creations of similar structures are very difficult and often not possible to achieve via traditional manufacturing technologies. One of the key advantages of additive manufacturing is the flexibility to create shapes which are impossible or too costly to produce with the traditional technologies. Optimizing your designs and translating them into lightweight components is therefore regarded as one of the most promising potentials of the AM industry. > read more

Discover the Most Complete Support Generation Toolbox for Metal Applications

For metal applications, support fulfills a larger purpose than just supporting the part during the build process. The main reason that supports are required for the metal additive manufacturing process is to minimize deformation. A better surface quality on down facing surfaces can be obtained by support structures that allow heat conductivity, they minimize the number of contact points but still allow transferring the heat away from the part. Magics SG+ contains the tools for good anchoring, heat transfer and support, yet taking into account the effects on finishing time.

Streamics Robot takes your part processing automation to the next level


Streamics Robot takes your part processing  automation to the next level – it will perform the routine work in the background while you can focus on “value added” tasks. 

Software for Additive Manufacturing

Materialise software offers a wide range of activities applicable to a variety of markets and industries, ranging from automotive, to medical industry, consumer goods and many more. Our solutions boost efficiency and reduce lead-times, resulting in increased productivity throughout the entire AM process.


Steering the June Racecar to the Finish Line

How do you tried to make a racecar steering wheel more functional, aesthetic and cost-effective? Formula Group T did just that by collaborating with Materialise and using 3-maticSTL for their Formula Student Competition entry.

Kipling: No Monkey Business

Ever since they started in 1987, Belgian bags and accessories brand Kipling has given its monkey mascot a prominent role. No one can say “Kipling bag” without referring to the iconic monkey key chains. For their latest collection “Monkey Madness”, Kipling and Materialise took it one step further. Based on the Monkey Madness collection, the “City Jungle Shopper” is a co-creation between Kipling and Materialise to showcase Kipling’s trademark monkey in the world’s first fully-flexible 3D Printing material TPU 92A-1.

Lightweight Structures Support Scherf Design to Reach New Heights

Scherf Design; an innovative design company, created a 3D printed, metal high heel shoe model that was both highly distinctive and wearable with the help of Materialise 3-maticSTL software and its Lightweight Structures module.