e-Stage - Automatic Support Generation Hero

e-Stage is a software solution that increases your Additive Manufacturing productivity by automating your Stereolithography (SL) support generation, optimizing your SL build process, and reducing your finishing work. With e-Stage you will use less material, be able to 3D nest, and practically eliminate failed builds. e-Stage is scalable to fit shops with 1 to 50 SL Machines.

Many leaders in additive manufacturing around the world have had tremendous success using e-Stage. Every industry is represented including: aerospace, automotive, toys, medical, service bureaus and others. These companies were able to justify the investment after a short evaluation period.



With e-Stage you can increase your productivity in many ways:

  • Automate your work preparation:

• Save time by eliminating manual editing

• Reduce build support errors

  • Optimize your build process:

• Reduce build time

• Reduce resin consumption

  • Reduce your finishing time:

• Reduce build support removal time

• Minimize the risk of breaking small features

• Reduce sanding time


e-stage generates needle-thin contact points for easy support removal

Check out the e-Stage infographic and discover why e-Stage is the trusted support generation tool for AM professionals world wide