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Materialise e-Stage

Materialise e-Stage, Your Automatic Support Generation Hero

Materialise e-Stage is a software solution that increases your Additive Manufacturing productivity by fully automating the support generation, optimizing the build process, and strongly reducing the finishing work for Stereolithography (SL) and DLP 3D printers. With Materialise e-Stage you will use less material, be able to 3D nest, and practically eliminate failed builds. It is scalable to fit shops with 1 to 50 SL machines and allows you to accept more challenging projects, both in terms of part complexity as in lead time. 

Many leaders in Additive Manufacturing around the world have had tremendous success using Materialise e-Stage. Every industry is represented including: aerospace, automotive, toys, medical, service bureaus and others. These companies were able to justify the investment after a short evaluation period.

With Materialise e-Stage you can increase your productivity in many ways.

Automate your work preparation:

• save time by eliminating manual editing

• reduce build support errors

• generate support structures for a full platform within minutes

• benefit from smart software, taking into account material, printer parameters, and more

Reduce your finishing time:

• reduce support removal time and efforts

• avoid part damage caused by tools

• minimize the risk of breaking small features

• decrease sanding time

Optimize the build process:

• Control part quality

• Maximize print performance with minimal resin consumption

Maximize customer services:

• Accept more complex parts

• Facilitate last-minute orders

• Develop shorter lead times

• Free up the time of your experts for advising customers

Build platform with automated Stereolithography (SL) support generation - Materialise e-stage software

Materialise e-Stage generates needle-thin contact points for easy support removal.


NEW Materialise e-Stage Bottom-Up

Materialise e-Stage 6.7 is a milestone in the history of the product! This version allows you to automatically generate support structures for all your bottom-up resin-based machines. So, if you have a resin-based system (SLA, DLP), Materialise e-Stage (version 6.6 for top-down, version 6.7 for bottom-up) is the most efficient tool to generate your support structures!

A brand new algorithm to counter suction forces

Materialise e-Stage for bottom-up consists of:

  •  A brand new algorithm to counter suction forces
  •  New parameters adapted to bottom-up technology


Materialise e-Stage is a part of the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite

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