Magics18, Cutting-Edge Technology

Out Now: Magics18. With enhanced tools and modules, Magics is more cutting edge than ever!

For this latest release, Materialise’s software developers are offering up a whole range of exciting new functionalities, including expanded measurement options with built-in ISO standard tolerances.

With Magics18, we are also proud to introduce:

New and Improved Cutting Tools

  • Easily define teeth on polyline cuts.
  • Move points to the perfect position and delete redundant points.
  • Zoom in on critical areas.
  • Plus many more easy-to-use next generation possibilities!

Enhanced Surface to Solid Functionality

  • Produce a second surface with straight edges.
  • Close holes automatically. No manual fixing required.

Improved Wall Thickness Analysis

  • Use gradient colors to provide a clearer view and quicker interpretation.

Expanded Reporting Options

  • Create a 3D PDF of your part and share your files more easily.

Plus that’s not all!

With Magics18, our modules have also undergone some changes, resulting in expanded usability. In our SinterModule, you can now view build heights and easily distribute your parts over these heights. As well, our SinterModule now also offers an automatic Subnester functionality for its Sinterboxes. In our SG and SG+ modules, we are offering some great support improvements. And many of our Import modules have also been upgraded, (including CATIA V5, NX (Unigraphics) Parasolid, and SketchUp).

Finally, (and although it’s last, it’s definitely not least), with this latest release of Magics we are introducing optimized Build Processor integration for EOS and SLM, (with more to come). With easy access from Magics, you can now process both .stl and slice files.


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