MiniMagics: Free STL Viewer and Communication Tool

We believe there are different needs when looking at a service bureau environment. This is why we developed our Magics and MiniMagicsPRO solutions for people working in data preparation, or in quoting & quality control teams.

However, service bureaus also need a tool for their customers, a free tool to view stl-files and  communicate in an efficient way with their account manager, seeing the same visualization of the part on their screen.

With MiniMagics, a free STL viewer, you can:

  • Import and save .STL, .magics or .mgx files;
  • Compress .STL files up to a factor of 20 (.mgx);
  • View parts and rotate, pan or zoom;
  • Evaluate file quality: detect bad edges, flipped triangles and multiple shells;
  • Cross-section view to inspect the inside of your parts;
  • Make single point to point measurements;
  • Add text annotations;
  • See all information included in .magics files (measurements, annotations, etc.);
  • Benefit from enhanced visualization capabilities - quickly grasp complex projects.


New in MiniMagics 3.0: 

  • Windows 7 compatible
  • Improved & User friendly interface
  • Quickly analyze the quality of all loaded files (check for errors)
  • Make up to five cross-section at the same time
  • Significant improvement of the licensing system


MiniMagics inside your organisation: