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To request a software trial or get in touch with us, please select the software package of your choice and follow the directions.

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Materialise 3-matic modifies CAD designs, scanned data and topology optimized models on STL level. You can clean up rough data and create 3D textures, lightweight models or conformal structures.

Materialise Magics is an industry-leading, versatile data preparation software package that efficiently guides you through every step of your 3D printing workflow. This download includes English, German, Japanese and Chinese language.

Materialise e-Stage increases your AM productivity by automating your Stereolithography (SL) support generation, optimizing your SL build process, and reducing your finishing work.

Materialise MiniMagics is a free tool that allows you to import, view and save .stl, .magics or .mgx files. You can also compress STL files; rotate, pan or zoom the parts; and detect bad edges and flipped triangles.


Materialise Magics Reporting helps account managers to create quotations fast and efficiently, and provides the quality control and finishing teams with detailed quality reports about the printed parts.

The Materialise Control Platform is a modular, software-driven, embedded hardware solution that enables you to take full control over your laser-based AM machine improving part quality and repeatability.

Materialise Build Processor enhances communication between software and large to mid-range 3D printing machines. Request the EOS, Renishaw, SLM Build Processor or contact us to develop a Build Processor for your machine.

Materialise Streamics helps you automate and manage your production process to scale your business in a well-organized way. Contact us to discuss your needs.



Materialise Robot enables instant quoting and reduces the manual effort needed to prepare parts for building. Contact us to tune it to your specific needs and preferences.

Materialise Cloud is the power of Materialise software in a cloud API, supplying tools to support your 3D printing process. Contact the Cloud team to try it for free.