Streamics is a central Additive Manufacturing (AM) automation and control system specifically developed to allow you to manage and grow your AM business in industries as diverse as automotive, consumer goods, medical, aerospace, and more. This modular solution links people, machines, processes and materials together to help you improve customer service and save time and money.






The configurable modules are designed to facilitate communication; support the organization and execution of data preparation; plan machine capacity; and guide post-processing steps. 

The modules offer: 

  • 100% Magics compatibility



  • Timely and custom reporting             



  • Automation of file operations




  •   AM machine planning

  • Easy task assignment

  • Secure, central AM data access


  • Powerful API to integrate with existing systems


  • Quality control & traceability                   


Streamics helps you manage and grow your AM business and strengthen your partnership with your customers. 

Watch this short informational video below to learn more about Streamics and how it can streamline your AM process.


OUT NOW! Streamics 6.0


In Streamics 6.0, we’ve added a few features to help you further improve efficiency, ease of use and traceability of the AM production process:

•       Automatically obtain part preview and properties for all file types

•       Configure and store your data views in your personal profiles

•       Receive late part notifications on order and build level

•       See & update the build statuses through our new web interface

•       Track material batches