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Materialise Streamics

Manage & Streamline Your AM Production Process With Materialise Streamics

Materialise Streamics is a central AM automation & control system which allows you to get a grip on your entire AM business. The system links people, machines, processes and materials. It consists of a whole set of tools and configurable workflows with one goal in mind: saving you time and money. In addition, it offers traceability in all aspects. Whether you develop prototypes or manufacture parts, Materialise Streamics’ components can be used as standalone features or integrated with other processes and business software. 

Materialise Streamics helps you increase productivity, improve competiveness through better service, and incorporate AM as a sustainable manufacturing option for your business. It provides a solid backbone to your AM process and allows you to validate your manufacturing process so you can build parts that last. 


What's New in Materialise Streamics 6.5

  • Improved selection of parts
    Save time in data preparation thanks to synchronization of a selection of parts between Streamics and Magics
  • Metric and imperial units support
    Work with parts from different measurements systems. Formats without a measurement unit are automatically detected
  • Archiving of files
    Free additional disk space on your server by archiving part & platform files linked to closed items
  • Additional IT technology support
    Windows 10 Enterprise (Client); Windows SQL 2014, IIS 8.5 (Server)
  • Performance and stability improvements

> Download Materialise Streamics 6.5 release notes


Previous Release (Materialise Streamics 6.3)


  • Enriched automatic labeling
    Import part labeling or serial numbering content from an external list
  • Important orders highlighted
    Configure Materialise Streamics to color code, certain custom fields, order/ordered part, or certain customers
  • Additional “built” order/ordered part status
    View the difference between a built part with and without execution of the first quality checks
  • Server connection information
    Receive a message when the connection with the server is lost or restored
  • Validated parts list
    View a list of validated parts, when Materialise Streamics is configured with Research-Validation-Production
  • Performance and stability improvements

When Materialise Streamics is integrated with Materialise Build Processor (*)

  • Sliced-based labeling 
    Apply labels directly on the slices before sending them to the machine, enabling reuse of the majority of the slices between different platforms.
  • Platform slicing with stack re-use
    Prepare the slice stack once per platform and reuse it for every build of the platform. This allows to validate the slice stack once per platform design.
  • Real-time events directly from machine
    View the events for a build, while or after it’s in progress and receive an email when an event is generated by a machine.
(*)  Important: Certain Build Processors do not include the functionality required to support the listed features. This is machine type dependent and needs to be checked case-specific.

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